Lock Down - Afternoon Tea in your living room

Last Saturday me and Rob wanted to do something a bit different to the usual 'lock down' routine and decided to create an Afternoon Tea/Cafe in our living room! It was one of our best ideas yet during lock down.  

We had a feast! Of course we started with a pot of yorkshire tea, and everything was put into our Hornsea pottery collection, which we rarely get to use. So it felt super special! 

We then had sandwiches in homemade bread (this took agessss to make but was WELL worth it) with side salad and some of those aldi special black pepper crisps (they are heavenly if you haven't tried them already!). 

To finish off, best 'till last, we ate homemade lemon drizzle cake followed by a shop bought salted caramel slab. 
It is making me drool now just typing about it. 

I think it is something we will do every other Saturday as it felt really nice as we are really missing going to cafes on the weekends. We're also missing vintage/antique haunts, so can't wait to get back to it once they are all open again.

But above all, I hope you are staying safe, staying home and keeping well. 

If you do an afternoon tea at home I'd love to see pictures!


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