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Studio Tour

Hello! It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd show you around my lovely studio space. 
I love spending my days in here, with the radio on, listening to Jazz FM. But sometimes I don't feel motivated enough or inspired enough. I find that my inspiration comes at random times, like when i'm in the bath or going to bed. I think that's when I am most relaxed! 

On my moodboard I like to have some products like my cards, as well as colour chips, inspirational quotes and in process designs. 

Above you will see the Mac Desktop that I use, it is actually my partners brothers that I am currently borrowing until he needs it back! I will be lost without it.. 

I adore the Hobbycraft trolly that I store all my paints and some papers in, it's so handy, plus it looks nice! 

This is my 'stock room' where I store all of the stock for the Dolly Pepper business. I love having it, it makes me feel all professional!

I've recently got back into painting with wate…

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