Opening Dolly Pepper Studio's

I wanted to talk about why I have opened Dolly Pepper Studio's and left my full time design job at Clintons. 

Owning my own business has ALWAYS been a dream of mine and I always knew it would be called Dolly Pepper's. This name comes from a nickname that my Grandad called me when I was younger. I have loved it ever since, although I no longer get called it! 
I was just waiting for the right time to take the plunge and start the business.

The plunge was thought about for a few months, as most of the time I really enjoyed working for Clintons. The people were so lovely and I met friends for life there, which made the decision even harder!

But the fact is, I was living 2 hours away from family and Rob and this was more difficult than I would like to have admitted. I also was struggling financially with living on my own. Along with trying to juggle a full time job, keeping healthy with the gym, socialising, cleaning, food shopping etc and then getting poorly things got a bit too much for my little old brain! 

I mentioned in the podcast blog post a few months ago that I was on the brink of another breakdown, and I was very right.. 
I ended up being sectioned again and stayed in hospital for a week. 

Once I stabilised things slowly got back to 'normal'. Although on writing this it has only been around a month since my admission.

My first priority after was to move in with Rob, and open up Dolly Pepper Studio in the spare room. 
So this is what I did, I spent a few weeks designing and then decided to get some stock printed.

I am now getting orders every few days (touch wood) which makes me feel so proud and happy whenever anyone does order from me! I smile every single time. It makes what I have been through seem worth it, as I do believe that everything happens for a reason. 

As much as I miss people from Clinton's, I am also LOVING having my own studio space, and having only myself to decide on the designs, as then I just design whatever I feel like! It's great!

I now have an Etsy shop with card ranges and postcards too. I have also ordered new male designs and notebooks, soooo exciting. 
You can see it at :

I hope you are all keeping well and safe in this lockdown! 


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