Online Markets from Home and Youtube Channel

Hello week 7 of lockdown! Hope you are all keeping safe and well. 
I have been busy over on Dolly Pepper Studios and have taken part in two more online markets. This time I set up the  markets from home for Makers Market From Home in my studio and Local Makers Market in my living room on the coffee table! 

Makers Market in my studio
I really enjoyed both markets and they are definitely the way forward for the foreseeable future as sales are nearly all online at the moment (minus the food shops). I have loved the engagement received from both events!
People would come over from the market profiles and shop via my Etsy or Folksy links. 

Local Makers Market in my living room
I have also been plodding along with creating videos for my youtube channel. I like to use it as another form of updating people with my new products etc. It also feels like it's someone else to talk to other than Rob when were in lock down, so going slowly stir crazy as each one passes! Follow me over on Youtube for more of my ramblings!

Stay safe and well,


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