Pedddle Local Market

Hello ! This weekend, Saturday the 25th July, is the fabulous Pedddle Online Local Markets, where you can shop via your area, mine being East for East Yorkshire, but you can still browse the other areas too if you like! It is all online at : You can get 10% off my shops Etsy and Folksy this weekend only by using code 'SHOPLOCAL'.

I wanted to do a little round up of a few of the East makers, so you can see a few of them below, a lot of them have discounts too under 'SHOPLOCAL' so do make use of them this weekend! : 

Shirley Rainbow - 10% off 

Beautifully crafted hand embroidered lavender bags, key-rings, embroidery hoop artworks by the very lovely Teresa. 

Louise Crookenden-Johnson - 10% off

Lovely ceramic cheese boards, gifts and ornaments by Louise. I adore the expressive marks and colours used in her ceramics, they give the characters such personality! 

Pen & Gwyn - 20% off 

The lovely Nikki from Pen & Gwyn sells beautiful paper products, including cards, gift wrap and notebooks. I adore the colours and watercolour technique she uses in her work! 

Anna Treliving - 15% off

Surface pattern designer Anna Treliving sells super colourful, vibrant and fun prints, stationery and cards. The colours make my eyes super happy! 

Ami and Lo - 10% off

Wonderfully made cork leather jewellery by Beth. I adore the colours and shapes of her hand crafted jewellery! 

Upsydaisy Craft - 10% off

Nat at Upsydaisy Craft creates quirky, handmade ceramic loveliness. I really adore the sunshine ceramic bowl, so so cute! Her work really makes me smile, it is a joy to look at. 

The Scouts Den - 10% off

I absolutely adore the work of Laura's at The Scouts Den. It includes handcrafted velvet banners, Macrame pin badges and even Intro into macrame kits, how handy! 

I hope you have enjoyed this little round up of some of the lovely makers for this weekends fair, show them some love and happy shopping!


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