Hello Shiny New Blog!

I have been wanting to get back into blogging again for a few months now.
I used to blog when I was at university, posting about my work etc.
This time around, as you can tell by my new blog name 'Lovely Stuff' I want it to be about the everyday things that I find lovely.
From a nice coffee and cake in a cafe, to a good book, magazine or podcast to finding a lovely vintage vase or even bargains I have found in charity shops.
I also think it is important that I make it a space where I can talk  more about mental health and raise more awareness but also the coping strategies that help.
I want it to be a space where people feel it is helpful, relatable and hopefully inspiring too. 

So heres to my new online ramblings! 

'Ikigai: A passion or hobby that gives meaning to your life'


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