Love - Vintage Vases

For a few years now I have collected vintage vases of various varieties. 

It has got to the point where my flat is full of them. I don't have any more spare windowsill space or ledges for them to sit. 
But I can never seem to leave lovely ones behind. I shall keep dreaming of the days when I finally get a full house to fill up with stuff that I love.

I seem to gravitate towards West German and Hornsea Pottery varieties but I also loveeee Swedish designed too. I have recently started collecting glass, but it seems to be an expensive habit especially seen as it is the Whitefriars variety!

 I filled a few of them with Craspedias 
and I love the little mustard ball alien antenna looking things! 

 Some of the larger vases are filled with plants and some with twigs that I have then decorated with macrame. I find they are good to get depth and height into your home. There is just something about the shapes, unique patterns and colours that each time pull me in.

One of my favourite things to do with Rob is to go to Antique centres and both get excited whenever we find hidden gems at the back of the shelves.
We think we would make a good team on Antiques Road Show together, however I think there's only a select few people that actually like and want to buy the style that we do! 

One final note...

Last night I was catching up with the new series of 'Great Pottery Throwdown' and in-between crying at Keith crying (he is so passionate about pottery that man!) it made me think that in the future I would love to get into pottery just for fun. 
I'm not sure how good I would be, and probably wouldn't live up to the lovely vases that I already have, but you have got to start somewhere, right?! 


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