Creating - Making a dress

Hello! It's been a while again, I managed to lock myself out of my account. But I am back after a reset.. 

As I am sure you are all aware we are in lock down for another at least 2 weeks, so I have been finding creative ways to keep busy.
My friend Jo biked around and gave a dress pattern to me (safely) so I couldn't wait to get my hands into it and do it. 
I ordered some lovely fabric in the Seasalt sale and waited impatiently for its arrival. 

It was meant to be £55 down to £20!!
I also was given the sewing machine by Robs lovely Grandma who I am super grateful for. 
I have been wanting to get back into sewing for a long time, so having more spare time as working for myself means I can do this. 

SO the fabric arrived in the morning and I got into it straight away. I found cutting the fabric out on the floor quite a strenuous activity, and now I wish I had a cutting out desk and rotary cutter, but these aren't essentials when it is more of a hobby. 
I then followed the instructions step by step, sewing away here and there. I loved how it was a mindless activity mostly, it took a bit of thinking and  a bit of getting things wrong and unpicking. But it was mostly enjoyable even if I do usually have a short attention span. 

I was keen to get it finished in one day, so that is probably why it kept my attention so long! And also I liked the thought that I am going to be able to wear something that I have made at the end. 

Me doing the strenuous workout of cutting fabric out on the floor

Ta Da!


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